ORA-S is another pair of augmented reality glasses that is available on the market. There are a couple unique things about this pair of glasses compared to the other ones that have been covered on this blog. The ORA-S has been available for purchase for a decent amount of time, which surprises me because I’ve never heard of them. Anyway, here is all you need to know about the ORA-S augmented reality glasses.


What Does it Do?

More than likely you can guess what this pair of augmented reality glasses is capable of doing. ORA-S can connect to your smartphone and tablet, and can act as a hands-free computer. ORA-S is pretty much capable of the same stuff that any other smart glasses is capable of doing. Once you connect it to your phone you can use it to get alerts about text messages, email, twitter, calls, for listening to music, and everything else. You can also use it to get GPS information.


The display offers a 24 degree field of view (diagonal) – which is better than the 14 degree field of view that Google Glass offers – and has a 33 pixels / degree resolution. The unique thing about this device is that the display can move and create two different view modes. There is an augmented reality mode and a dashboard mode. You can center the image for augmented reality mode or you can move the image to your peripheral vision for dashboard mode.

Device Design

The device definitely looks … interesting. I’m not going to say that the device is ugly, but it definitely looks bulky. The device weighs about 70 grams, which is pretty hefty compared to the 50 grams of Google Glass.

There’s really not much to say about the design. It looks like a scouter from dragon ball Z with some shades attached to it.

Processing Power, Operating System, and Other Specs

The ORA-S comes with the same dual core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex that most other augmented reality/smart glasses are using. The device also has 1 GB of DDR and 4GB of Flash. The operating system that is running on ORA-S is Android 4.2.2 (Google Glass is running Android 4.0.4) and is controlled with a large touchpad on the side.

On the device you can also find a front-facing five megapixel camera that has autofocus and is able to record in full 1080p HD. We also can’t forget about the microphone with noise cancellation.

Battery Life

These augmented reality glasses have about four hours of battery life if you are using them constantly and about eight hours of battery life if you are only using it here and there throughout the day. Eight hours of battery life is pretty good for a pair smart glasses.


Connectivity wise the ORA-S comes with the usual things like Bluetooth 4, and wifi.


You can buy a pair of ORA-S augmented reality glasses for $949 or 699€. This price tag is pretty fair considering other smart glasses are priced around the same.



Compared to other augmented reality glasses, the only thing unique about the ORA-S is that there is a large field of view and there are two view modes. The two view modes is actually a pretty interesting feature that I’m surprised no other companies have tried implementing. With that said, the ORA-S is a bulky device, and weighs a lot compared to some other glasses that are available. The bulkiness is more than likely due to the two display modes. Hopefully, they can definitely slim these glasses down somehow in the future.

What are your thoughts on these augmented reality glasses? How do you think they look? Could you ever see yourself using a pair of these?