ORA Smart Glasses Kickstarter Campaign Successfully Funded

Many smart glasses companies have taken to Kickstarter to sell their initial batch of devices and to get funding for future endeavors. While many companies have headed to Kickstarter to raise money, many have walked away empty handed. Failed Kickstarter campaigns are quite common when it comes to smart glasses.

Optinvent, the company behind the ORA smart glasses, isn’t walking away empty handed though. For a while it seemed like Optinvent’s Kickstarter was going to fail, but they actually pulled it off. Optinvent’s Kickstarter campaign for the ORA smart glasses closed yesterday, and Optinvent raised more money than they expected. They were aiming to raise a total of $100,000 but they ended up getting $104,656 which is awesome.


The purpose of Optinvent’s Kickstarter was to get ORA-1, the developer version of the ORA smart glasses, into the hands of developers. Not only that, but to also get some funds to build a developer platform, an app store, a forum, and to work on ORA-X, the consumer version of the ORA smart glasses.

Now that Optinvent has some funds to play with things should start to get really interesting. ORA-1 is set to be delivered to Kickstarter backers in December if things don’t get delayed. So, around that time we should start to see some cool things pop-up around the ORA smart glasses. ORA-X, the consumer version of the ORA smart glasses, are set to be shipped out late next year.

It’s nice to see that Optinvent reached their goal. It’s always good to have more smart glasses on the market.

Anyway, are you happy to hear that Optinvent reached their goal? What are your thoughts on the ORA smart glasses? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!