OrCam Gets a Big 15 Million Dollar Investment


OrCam is a camera that attaches to a pair of glasses and it is able to analyze / read text on almost anything. When the camera analyzes text, it will read aloud what was analyzed to the wearer via the bone-conduction speaker. OrCam is also able to read gestures, and learn different objects, places and people.

Basically, it is a device for people with impaired vision and can help wearer’s know what they’re looking at and interacting with. Operating Orcam is pretty simple; a person wearing OrCam just needs to point OrCam at whatever they want it to read, and it will be spoken aloud to them.

Here is a more in-depth video about it:

On Thursday, some good news came out about OrCam. This awesome gadget just got a huge investment. Good guy Intel is investing 15 million dollars into the project, which we all know will help a LOT with a multitude of things.

GigaOm, and several other blogs have speculated that Intel will probably use the technology OrCam is based on to help improve its own “perceptual computing” system. With that said, nobody really knows what is going on or why Intel decided to invest into the company. We just like to think that they saw a device that could help change people’s lives and decided to support it just because they saw the good in it.

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