Recon Jet Price to Increase from $599 to $699 December 5th

Recon Jet

A few days ago, Recon Instruments posted an update relating to their Recon Jet glasses. In the update, Recon Instruments stated that they have received their product validation samples from their manufacturer and that the samples are being prepped for field testing. In the blog post, Dan Eisenhardt stated that the quality of samples is solid. Still, field tests must be done.

The quality of these samples is very solid. Still, I look forward to the feedback from our field testing crew for opportunities to optimize Jet’s performance for you.

In the update, the company also talks about an upcoming price increase for the Recon Jet glasses. Since the company will be shipping out pre-orders soon, the company wants to move to standard retail pricing. So, on December 5th the price of the Recon Jet HUD will go up from $599 to $699.

Considering Jet’s increasing maturity, we are transitioning from pre-order pricing to standard retail pricing. Pre-order customers have enjoyed preferential treatment on pricing, paying as little as $499 for the super early birds and $599 for the follow-on early adopters. As we have announced in the past, the recommended retail price for Jet is $699 for USA customers (€699 in Europe) so the pre-order savings have been significant. On December 5, we will begin the transition by adjusting the Jet price to $699. If you haven’t committed, now is the last chance to get the pre-order price and save $100. Be sure to order now before the price increase.

The last thing that Dan Eisenhardt, the CEO of Recon Instruments, talks about in the blog post is how the Recon Jet and Snow2 are now integrated with the Garmin’s Virb action camera. I’m sure some people will appreciate that!

While the price increase might be a little bummer, it seems Recon Instruments is on schedule. If the samples are good, then early birds can expect to receive their orders between January – March of 2015. So, that is good.

Recon Jet is a heads-up display for sports and outdoor environments. If you would like to learn more about it or take a look at its specs, then click right here.