“Convrge Cinemas” Social Theater released for Oculus Rift

Convrge cinemas

Convrge is the virtual reality social platform that’s known for hosting some of the biggest gatherings in social VR history and it is now coming online in a new direction called “Convrge Cinemas”.

Convrge Cinemas allows you to search and view Twitch and YouTube Videos with up to 5 people at a time. This application can be used with both traditional and DK2 monitors. But, before we talk more about it, watch the video below:


This platform grew out of a digital discotheque last year and featured cartoonish avatars and techno music. Not long after that some VR enthusiasts started using the space for usual conversations and weekly “campfire meetings” to discuss all sort of things virtually.

Shawn Whiting, the CEO at Convrge, said that Cinemas was inspired by the strong social presence in Oculus Social and Toybox and, initially, the idea was to develop a shared space, where users could watch whatever they wanted while playing VR poker, a concept that’s still under development.

The Oculus Social Alpha was released for the Gear VR headsets a few weeks ago and after receiving positive feedbacks, the team decided to release just the “cinema component” and put out a polished social YouTube experience for the DK2 community. The VR Poker function will most likely arrive in the next few weeks, but, currently, the VR geeks can already start using the Convrge Cinemas.

The Convrge team is also planning to upload more avatars, virtual drugs, and make space cross platform that will support both the HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. The Convrge Cinemas is now open 24/7 and anyone can check out the space, talk to other VR enthusiasts or even host their own room with the ability to search and watch Twitch or YouTube content.

What are your thoughts about the Convrge Cinemas?

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