Go Shark Diving and Endure Experiments with Samsung Gear VR

Samsung’s new virtual reality device hasn’t been out long, but they aren’t wasting any time when it comes to presenting people with awesome experiences and blowing people away. In a video uploaded to Samsung Australia on Youtube, Samsung demonstrates how the device can transform someone’s world within an instant.

In the video uploaded to Youtube, Samsung opens up a dive store in a waterless and pretty barren part of Australia. After setting up shop, over a period of time, several people who are interested in diving walk into the shop. Instead of actually taking them diving though, they are connected to a pair of Samsung’s Gear VR and sent on a virtual dive.

During the virtual dive, the people encountered schools of fish and massive sharks. Most of the people were quite shocked by the experience and were even more shocked to find out that the experience was powered by a phone. It’s quite an interesting video / commercial. So, check it out down below.

Besides the awesome commercial above, the Samsung Gear VR is also getting a new VR experience this week. On February 27th, the Samsung Gear VR will be getting a virtual reality experience that is a promotion for the new movie Insurgent, which comes out March 20th.

In the virtual reality experience, participants will be put into a world where they’ve been captured and have to undergo experiments. The new virtual reality experience is only going to last a few minutes and it’s mostly meant to excite fans of the previous movie, Divergent. With that being said, the new virtual reality experience is supposed to be an awesome few minutes.

So far, the Samsung Gear VR has been off to a great start. A lot of people were unimpressed by it when it was first announced, but it seems people are becoming more interested in it. Really, Samsung has been doing a great job at promoting its $200 virtual reality headset.

So, what are your thoughts on Samsung’s Gear VR? Have you bought one, or are you going to get one? Let us know in the comments section down below!

Source: BGR