New Samsung Patent Shows Foldable Smart Glasses

A few months ago, some Samsung patents spread across the web and they showed a pair of smart glasses. The smart glasses seemed pretty normal with phone pairing, a display and all the other usual smart glass features. The only unusual thing about the smart glasses was the mini usb that runs down the back of the device.

Sadly, we haven’t heard anything about these smart glasses as of late. But, it seems Samsung is definitely considering making a pair of smart glasses, because just two days ago another patent showed up on the web.

A new patent shows that Samsung might try to pull off a completely unique approach when it comes to smart glasses. A new patent shows that they might be planning on making a foldaway pair of smart glasses.


The patent and its illustrations show an eye wear device that can be folded in various ways. While a foldable pair of smart glasses is interesting enough on its own, the device isn’t foldable just for convenient storage, but apparently it folds into a wearable ear device (think bluetooth).

This is a patent though, so there’s no guarantee that this pair of smart glasses is going to show up anytime soon. The smart glasses market is constantly expanding though, so who knows. It would definitely be pretty interesting to test out a pair of smart glasses like this though.

What are your thoughts on a foldable pair of smart glasses? Do you like the idea, or do you think all the moveable parts might cause some problem? Post your thoughts and answers in the comments section down below!

Source: CrunchWear