Samsung Galaxy Glass Coming Later This Year

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A lot of people like to say that smart glasses are just fad, but I don’t think that’s true. Each day it seems like we hear of a new pair of smart glasses coming out. Google Glass use to be the only pair of smart glasses available, but now there are more than just a few options that are in the market. Currently we have Meta Pro, Glass UP, M100, Pivothead Smart Glasses, Meta AR Smart Glasses and we will soon have the Samsung smart glasses.

Wait … what?

Yes, you did in fact read the above correctly. According to The Korea Times, Samsung will be showing off their pair of smart glasses at the 2014 IFA trade show in Berlin, which starts September 5th and ends September 10th. Samsung has apparently dubbed their smart glasses “Galaxy Glass”, which is uncreative and will probably bother Google, but I guess it is necessary to match their line of phones.

And, for those who are wondering, Samsung Galaxy Glass will operate like most other smart glasses and will connect to your phone and display alerts and information in the user’s FOV.

Why More Competition Is Better.

While it can be quite boring to see more and more companies come out with the same device just with an another look, it’s a good thing. When it comes to something like smart glasses, having a wide variety of selection is a really good thing. Smart glasses are struggling to be excepted by most of society, but that can change. The more companies that sell smart glasses the better, because when more companies are selling such a device, more devices are going to hit the public. This means that wearable devices like Google Glass, Samsung Galaxy Glass, and Glass Up will become socially acceptable faster.

Are You Interested?

How many of you are actually interested in seeing Samsung’s take on smart glasses? Do you think you would ever test out “Samsung Galaxy Glass” or possibly buy it? Also, do you think that Samsung has anything to bring to the table that other competitors haven’t already? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below.