Samsung Has Released The Second Gear VR Running On Oculus Platform

gear vr

In the past two years, Samsung has collaborated with Oculus and created a VR handset which works with a Galaxy Note 5 or other Samsung flagship released in 2015. The Gear VR costs only $99, with $100 less than the previous model, it’s 22 percent lighter and it runs on the Oculus platform, but you can install applications from third-party developers.

The problem with the Oculus software is that it doesn’t have a search field, so if you’ll use the handset, it will be very hard to browse the available applications on the Oculus Store, and their number is currently small, about 100, being created by third-party developers. Also, when downloading games, you will be disappointed to find out that they’re demos, not the full version of the product, and you won’t see the YouTube app in the list.

The Gear VR will be perfect for playing video games, and we recommend you Eve Gunjack, which costs $9.99 in the Oculus Store and it’s about piloting a ship in outer space and using a laser cannon or other weapons. Or, maybe you like puzzle games and you’ll want to play Land’s End, which has the same price.

The headset has been equipped with an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a proximity sensor and you’ll have an incredible viewing experience, as when you’ll move your head, these sensors will track you and the Samsung device will show 360-degree around you. But the best part about it is that when you move your head, the projected reality won’t make you dizzy.

When you’re taking the headset off, the Oculus software will go to sleep, which is great, because it saves the battery, but the hardware isn’t the best, but at least the device is not very heavy and doesn’t feel uncomfortable. The Gear VR is affixed to your head using two thick elastic straps and to control the headset, you will use the trackpad which is placed on the right side.

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