Samsung Will Open A VR Movie Studio And Will Create Immersive Experiences

samsung vr

The South Korean company couldn’t resist the temptation to get involved with virtual reality. After creating its own, but not so wide-spread operating system – Tizen, Samsung has announced its collaboration with Oculus VR and, together, they’ve created the Gear VR headset, which is not as advanced as the Oculus Rift and it costs only $100. Now, Samsung has other plans and intends to stay long in the entertainment industry. A few days ago, the manufacturer participated at the Sundance film festival, which took place in Utah, and with this occasion, it announced its intention to open a VR movie studio in New York.

Samsung’s representatives were reluctant to give further information about the new studio, but Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer of Samsung USA was kind enough to specify that the company will use a preexisting office in New York and the space will be shared with the marketing team. This way, the marketing team can take a peek at what happens in the studio, having access to the events and without a doubt, Samsung will have a prolific partnership with the Sundance Institute, the nonprofit organization that organizes the annual film festival.

At the Sundance festival are presented independent projects, with controversial themes and this year’s lineup featured some interesting selections: “Morris from America”, about the misadventures of a 13-year-old American living in Germany; “The Bad Kids”, a documentary about a principal’s mission to convince poor and “bad” students to not drop out school in the Mojave Desert community; “The Lure”, a mermaid musical whose action is set in the 1980s and which is about two siren sisters who must sing in a nightclub in order to lure men that end up as food on their table.

In 2015, “Birdly” was one of the best VR experiments, giving those interested the option to feel like a bird flying above San Francisco and Oculus VR has also made a short SF movie where the viewers are sent to a dense forest, where they meet a gigantic robot. Samsung wants to try its luck with this technology, before Apple will make the step and create something out of the ordinary.

Sources: DigitalTrends & CNET