Trailer Released for Samsung Gear VR Game “Smash Hit Plunder”


Right after the Gear VR was announced, Triangular Pixels revealed that they were working on a game called Smash Hit Plunder for the Samsung Gear VR. For a while after the game’s announcement, not much was said about Smash Hit Plunder, but as of yesterday there is now a trailer for the game online.

In the trailer, we get to see a player run around a pixelated world. While running around the world, the player lifts up items and smashes them by using spells. Apparently, the goal of Smash Hit Plunder is to collect as much treasure as possible, and the way you find treasure is by smashing items. Based on what is seen in the trailer, there are a ton of rooms stacked with items that could use some smashing.

Really, the trailer makes the game seem extremely basic. With that being said, the game will apparently have multiple game modes that people can play.

The first playable demo for Smash Hit Plunder is supposed to come out later this month. The official release has yet to be announced, but I imagine it’ll come out later this year.

While this game looks pretty simple, it seems like it will be a fun experience for the Samsung Gear VR. What are your thoughts? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!

Source: VRFocus