Evena Eyes-On™ Glasses Helps Nurses See Veins

Yesterday, we covered a pair of prototype glasses that allow nurses to see the veins of their patients. The benefits of a nurse being able to clearly see your veins are pretty obvious,  less pokes and less bruises.


Apparently, the prototype glasses that we covered aren’t the only pair of glasses out there that can help nurses with their job. Evena Medical has a pair of glasses called Evena Eyes-On™ Glasses that provide the same functions as the glasses we covered yesterday.

Evena Eyes-On™ Glasses are able to see through the skin and provide nurses with an accurate visual of what is going on underneath the skin. The glasses have multi-spectral imaging, which allows the glasses to penetrate the skin as deep as possible and work with multiple skin tones. The images are processed in real-time, so there’s no waiting around to see the veins.

As you would expect, the glasses are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. The glasses are completely hands-free and don’t require any extra equipment. The interface on the glasses is supposed to be very easy to use and has appropriate documentation for those who will need it.

It’s an interesting piece of tech, and I’m really surprised we don’t hear more about this type of stuff. It would be cool if every doctor’s office had at least one pair of these, so people who are scared of needles (me) can be a little more comforted by the fact that the nurse isn’t going to mess up. These types of glasses seem pretty affordable, so we should start seeing them more often in a few years … hopefully.

If you would like to learn more about these glasses, then you can head on over to the Evena website. If you want to learn more about the prototype glasses that we mentioned in this article, then head on over here.

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