Google and Mattel Give the View-Master a Facelift

On Friday, at a press event, Google and the toy-manufacturing company Mattel announced that they will be releasing a reinvented View-Master later this year.

View-Master Press Image1 (1)-min

The new View-Master from Mattel shares the same name and a similar look to its ancient relative. But, unlike the original View-Master, the new pair of goggles does not rely only on reels of images to provide viewers with awesome experiences. Rather, the new View-Master has a Google Cardboard-like setup, and uses a smart phone slot, a companion app, AND reels to present users with different 3D experiences.

Mattel’s View-Master will be made available later this year. The pair of Goggles will cost $30 and come with a sample reel. Besides the sample reel, Mattel plans to sell “reel packs” for $14.99 each, which will provide different immersive experiences. Since this product is being marketed towards kids, the reel packs will mostly include educational and adventure experiences.

Available fall 2015, consumers can purchase the View-Master viewer and a sample experience reel for SRP $29.99. The sample reel (when paired with app and smartphone) provides a glimpse of the full View-Master experience, including a gallery of classic View-Master images, a journey into space with a tour inside a space shuttle, and a chance to explore a unique destination in 360 degrees. Additional experience reel packs will be sold separately at retail for SRP $14.99, and each pack will feature four themed experience reels – with themes such as nature, adventure destinations and science – and each experience reel will be loaded with multiple areas to explore.

The new View-Master definitely seems pretty interesting and I think some kids might enjoy it. For $30, it doesn’t break parents’ banks either. What are your thoughts?

Source: Press Release