Intel Buys Swiss Smart Glasses Startup


Intel has been quite involved in the smart glasses market lately. Earlier this month, Intel bought $24.8 million dollars worth of Vuzix’s stock. And, on Tuesday, news broke that Intel purchased a Swiss startup called Composyt Light Labs for an undisclosed amount of money.

Composyt Light Labs is a company that creates and works with smart glasses technology. Their smart glasses consist of a display architecture that is able to project information over a field of view of 40 degrees, which is above average for a pair of smart glasses. The display architecture that the glasses use basically consists of an ultra-miniature laser projector and some lenses with holographic film that reflect projections into the wearers eyes.

Composyt Light Labs has said that their display architecture is what is going to appeal to enterprises, because it can work with standard and prescription glasses. With that being said, they are still working on improving their display architecture. They are hoping to achieve a higher resolution and better power consumption.

Apparently, Intel completed the purchase of Composyt Light Labs near the end of 2014. But, it wasn’t until this Tuesday that the purchase was announced. Overall, it’s an interesting acquisition by Intel and it shows that they are definitely interested in the wearables market.

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Source: ZDNet