Lenovo Patented a Device That Looks Like a Pair of Smart Glasses

Lenovo is a pretty well known electronics company. They create some decent products, especially when it comes to business laptops. I’m literally typing this article on a Lenovo laptop.

Anyway, Lenovo made an interesting move recently. I guess they plan on joining the “wearable war”, because they just filed a patent for a device that looks like a pair of smart glasses. They filed a patent for an “Electronic Device And Sound Capturing Method.” The device that was patented looks similar to many pairs of smart glasses that are in production.


The patented device is a fairly simple device. The glasses consist of an audio recorder, video recorder, light-pump VOD displays, bone conduction speakers and microphones. Basically, the device consists of all the components necessary for it to be called a wearable heads-up display or a pair of smart glasses.

The patent makes it very clear that this is a recording device and not a wearable device. Most people are assuming that Lenovo is describing the device as a recording device instead of a wearable device so that they can avoid potential lawsuits from competitors. Calling it a recording device instead of a wearable device prevents a potential wearable patent troll from trying something silly. With that being said, it could truly be just a recording device.

We all know that there is no guarantee for Lenovo to follow through with this patented device. Still, this patent does show that Lenovo, the company known for its laptops, might be trying to move into the mobile space with a wearable. Almost every tech company is working on a wearable right now, so it makes sense for Lenovo to also do something when it comes to wearables.

Anyway, would you buy a pair of smart glasses from Lenovo? Do you think there are enough smart glasses in the market already? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!

Source: TechCrunch