The Myo Armband Makes Some Smart Glasses Truly Hands-Free

Google Glass and many other pairs of smart glasses can be controlled without the usage of hands. Even though many pairs of smart glasses can be controlled hands-free, they still require physical interactions from time to time. But that might change soon, because one device and some new partners are making it possible to interact with smart glasses completely hands-free.


Myo is the device that I mentioned above. Myo is a bluetooth armband device that was created by Thalmic Labs, a Canadian startup. Myo is an armband that lets wearers control movements on a screen by using their wrist and gestures. Pretty cool, but it gets even cooler.

Thalmic Labs has partnered with several developers to make the Myo armband compatible with multiple pairs of smart glasses and to create innovative enterprise applications for the Myo armband and smart glasses. The company has partnered with APX Labs, Bridgit, Augmedix and Recon Instruments. All of these are companies that have had a recognizable impact on the smart glasses market so far.


Not only have they partnered with some significant companies, but they have also recently announced that the Myo band will be compatible with Google Glass, the Epson Moverio BT-200 and Recon Instrument’s upcoming Jet. These are all recognizable brands of smart glasses that are being used by consumers and businesses.


It seems Thalmic Labs is focused mostly on enterprise things when it comes to their armband. The average consumer can get a hold of a Myo, but based on the recent partnerships they seem to definitely be focusing mostly on enterprise. Really, it makes sense to focus on enterprise instead of just all consumers. Most regular consumers aren’t going to benefit from Myo much. But, workers who have their hands in gloves, have their hands full, or have their hands caked with dirt will definitely benefit from being able to completely control their smart glasses by using simple gestures.

Thalmic Labs has a Youtube series that shows how Myo can be used by doctors, construction workers, field workers and bike couriers. It’s a very interesting series and you can check out all the videos down below.

Myo is very interesting and it is very cool that it’s going to be compatible with a variety of smart glasses. Overall, I’m curious to see how this device will affect certain workplace environments, jobs and the lives of people with certain disabilities. Obviously, not everyone with a pair of smart glasses is going to get a Myo, but hearing feedback from the people who are getting one is going to definitely be intriguing.

Myo is set to ship next month and is available for preorder at $150. What are your thoughts on Myo? Are you going to get one? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below! Also, don’t forget to like and share this article if you enjoyed it!