Smart Glasses to See Unit Shipment Growth of 150%, According to Research Company

ABI Research, a technology market research and analysis firm, has reported that they expect huge growth in the smart glasses and wearables market this year.

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According to ABI research, over the course of the year, we will see smart glasses unit shipments increase by nearly 150%. Like in 2014, most of the growth and increase in shipments will be in the enterprise and public sector.

ABI Research expects 2015 to be a big year for smart glasses with unit shipment growth of nearly 150% in 2015, almost of all of which will be in the enterprise and public sector. The market intelligence firm expects over 90% of smart glasses to be sold in to the enterprise or public sector in 2015 e.g., remote assistance, police and military, security, warehouse and barcode scanning, and, in the consumer space for gaming.

Unsurprisingly, smart glasses aren’t the only wearable that is going to see increased popularity this year. ABI research also reports that smart watches will see huge consumer adoption with a 300% increase in unit shipments this year.

Smart glasses will not be the highest growth category in the wearables space; however, with smart watches set for significant consumer adoption at over 300% unit shipment growth in 2015. This is primarily due to the market entry of Apple dominating headlines and sales with near 50% market share forecast in 2015.

Smart glasses and smart watches dominated headlines near the end of last year. Plus, some major companies have joined the wearbles race, so some market and unit shipment growth is expected.

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Source: ABI Research