Sony announces clip-on device that turns normal eyewear into smart glasses

Sony just announced a new clip-on display module that turns any normal pair of eyewear into smart glasses. The module consists of a .23 inch OLED microdisplay that has a resolution of 640×400. And, a control board with sensors, bluetooth, wi-fi, a ARM A7 processor, and a 400mAh battery. The module also has a camera near the display.

Sony is currently working on a software development kit that will allow developers to create applications for the module. Developers will be able to create apps that load directly on to the module and apps for smartphones that send information to the module to display.

With the SDK, developers will be able to create dedicated apps tailored to specific uses. They can choose either to load an app onto the module itself, thereby enabling the device to be used independently of any other hardware, or to load an app onto a smartphone, thereby allowing the device to be used in tandem with a smartphone over a wireless connection.

Sony thinks the device will be handy in a whole lot of different situations. And, it definitely will be.

Many situations spring to mind in which hands-free display of information would be extremely beneficial. For example, when cycling, playing a round of golf, or engaging in some other outdoor sport, attaching this module to a pair of sports sunglasses and pairing it with a smartphone would enable you to access valuable information such as course maps or distance readings, even when your hands are tied. Using the module for coaching purposes, in concert with an application for sports use, could prove extremely effective as well. Alternatively, the module could be paired directly with an action camera capable of remote display on a smartphone, enabling you to check the angle of view and the captured image from a distance through your eyewear. This would give birth to a completely new style of shooting images and would potentially imbue the camera itself with higher added value. As a final example, Sony has high expectations for the module’s applications in a work setting, such as when linked to a factory’s internal infrastructure system. Instructions could be given remotely and hands-free, allowing workers to continue their work uninterrupted.

Sony is taking an interesting approach to wearable tech. If enough developers get behind this clip-on module, I can definitely see it being a helpful device. Being able to take it off at any time is a pretty nice and appealing feature in itself. From what Sony is saying, we will get to see the device sometime next year.

Sony is aiming to start mass production of this display module within the coming year. It is looking to provide the product to a wide variety of potential customers, from eyewear makers whose pieces are tailored for specific uses such as sports or entertainment, to electronics manufacturers who are considering pairing their products with wearable devices, to companies that provide business solutions utilizing wearable devices.

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Source: Sony