Tzukuri Sunglasses Will Not Let You Leave Them Behind


Sunglasses are awesome, but far from cheap. You can find pairs for around $25, but if you want a really good name brand pair then you’re going to be spending at least $70. $25 isn’t too much, but $70 is a decent chunk of money. The crazy thing about sunglasses is that people lose about 2-3 pairs of sunglasses a year. On the low side that is about $75 a year, but if you’re buying name brand glasses and losing them, then that’s going to be about $210 lost per year. That’s a decent chunk of change for the average person.

An Australian company Tzukuri is hoping to end this cycle of losing sunglasses. They’ve created a pair of sunglasses that you can never lose. Tzukuri has created a pair of sunglasses that have a Bluetooth chip embedded within them so that they can wirelessly connect to the Tzukuri app on the iPhone. Once the Tzukuri Sun glasses are connected to the app, when you walk more than 16 feet away from your sunglasses the app will send you an alert. An alert is sent when you walk 16 feet away, 32 feet away, and 50 feet away. Once you are more than 50 feet away the app will no longer alert you, but it keeps track of the last location of the sunglasses.

The Tzukuri app is more than just a simple alert machine for the sunglasses. Since the iPhone and sunglasses are connected, you will also be alerted when you are leaving your phone behind. If you leave your iPhone on a park bench and start to walk away, your iPhone will start to ring extremely loud. The app is also location aware, and can separate your work location from your home location. Being slightly aware of locations is handy, because it will prevent the app from bugging you all the time.

The sunglasses are probably sounding pretty good already, but there is more! The sunglasses have a solar cell embedded into the Bluetooth chip and that is what keeps the sunglasses charged. The iPhone app does notify you when the sunglasses are running low on juice, but all you have to do to charge them is set them in the sun for around an hour. Super easy charging and environmentally friendly.

Now, these glasses are far from cheap, but if you think about the money you will save in the long run, then they are worth it. If you want to get a pair of these shades, you can deposit $50 and get a pair from the first batch, which will be selling for $250. After the first batch, they are going to be shooting up to about $350. Each pair is handcrafted, so it is a quality product. And, the amount of money you will save from not losing 2-3 pairs of sunglasses a year makes them well worth the money. These sunglasses will probably be sticking with you for a while, so you’ll at least get a few years of use out of them.

The sunglasses will come in six designs with each being based on iconic figures. The designs include: fictional lawyer Atticus Finch, President John F. Kennedy, designer Tom Ford, Beatles legend John Lennon, actress Grace Kelly, and writer Truman Capote. The sunglasses will be available by the end of the year. Sadly, they will only be supporting the iPhone 4S and up.

How do these sun glasses sound to you? Will you be getting a pair? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!