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Benefits of Smart Glass Windows

Most of you have probably heard about or seen smart glass before. Even if the term "smart glass" isn't ringing any bells, I'm pretty positive most of you have interacted with it in your life or have at least seen it. Smart glass, also called switchab

Benefits of Switchable Glass

Switchable Glass windows is becoming more and more common inside households. Switchable Glass has several unique benefits compared to traditional glass. What exactly is switchable glass?Switchable Glass, also called smart glass, are a piece of gl

Innovega – 120 Degrees of Awesome

Innovega is developing a pair of smart glasses with an insane field of view that will give you a very immersive experience.Smart glasses and other augmented reality devices are limited in the way that if you want to have a really large interactiv

Glass Apps Switchable Glass

Computers and their necessary components aren't the only things that are changing as time passes. The future is now, and most of the things that you see on a daily basis have changed in the last 10 years, and that includes glass in windows. Looking o

list of smart glasses
List of Smart Glasses