Benefits of Switchable Glass

Switchable Glass windows is becoming more and more common inside households. Switchable Glass has several unique benefits compared to traditional glass. What exactly is switchable glass?

Switchable Glass, also called smart glass, are a piece of glass that changes light transmission when voltage, light or heat is applied. Basically, it is glass that lets you control the amount of light that gets through. So, what are the benefits of switchable glass?


No Shades, Blinds, or Anything Else

When you install switchable glass windows you no longer have to deal with those dreaded curtains, shades, or blinds that are required to be washed cleaned all the time. This is because switchable glass allows you to get your privacy when you need it by being able to switch from transparent to opaque with a flip of switch. Some switchable glass windows allow you to “dim” the glass from transparent to opaque.

Save Money

While curtains and shades will usually block out most of the light that comes through a window, some light still gets in and affects the temperature of the house. Switchable Glass can help you save money on your air conditioning bill because it can block almost all light from coming in therefore helping reduce the temperature inside the house.

UV Protection

Most switchable glass blocks ultraviolet light. This is not only a good thing when it comes to protecting your skin, but it also prevents the fabric and furniture near your windows from fading.

Projection Screen

When you turn switchable glass to its opaque state you can use the surface as a project screen. So, if you have a room with a bunch of windows that you want to turn into a little theater, then switchable glass is probably the best way to go about that. Switchable Glass is definitely more expensive than a projection screen, but the investment will be well-worth it over-time.

Those are some of the benefits of replacing your windows with switchable glass. Switchable Glass can help reduce window clutter (no blinds, shades etc), help save money, protect furniture from ultraviolet light, and can be used as a projection screen. Switchable glass is slightly pricey, but the benefits are well worth the cost. So, do you have switchable glass or plan on getting switchable glass in the future?