Glass Apps Switchable Glass

Computers and their necessary components aren’t the only things that are changing as time passes. The future is now, and most of the things that you see on a daily basis have changed in the last 10 years, and that includes glass in windows. Looking out of a window occasionally to see the outside world is cool, but we have to admit that hanging sheets of cloth and plastic over them to prevent people on the outside from looking in is a bit cavemanish.

A glass in a window has a couple of disadvantages when you think about it. Unless you have up curtains you got people looking in your house, and if a window is crappy and installed incorrectly, then you’re going to have a very cold house during the winter. Also, controlling the amount of light that gets in is near impossible – it’s either you open up your curtains for a full on blinding blast of sun, or close them and get no sun … there’s no real light control.

One company, Glass Apps, has recognized these problems when it comes to the glass in windows, and has created a few awesome products that turns windows from dumb ancient “technology” to something smart. Each product is slightly different, but based around the same technology – Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Film.

The main thing that these products can do is turn a window from something old-fashioned to something futuristic where you have UV protection, solar reduction, and the ability to control the amount of light that gets through the window. The apps in the glass window enables you to control the amount of light that gets in due to the Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Film that is either inside the window or added to the window.

The benefits of using one of these products are pretty clear.  If you can control the amount of light that you want to come through a window, then you don’t need blinds, shades or any of that other stuff. You also get a decrease in energy bills due to the fact that all the products offer some sort solar reduction. Not to mention, the fact that you can show off the most underappreciated part of a house to your friends … “Hey Bob, can you do this with your windows?”

Anyway, Here is a bit more information about the Glass Apps products.

Smart Glass Windows

This is a total glass solution provided by Glass Apps. A smart glass window consists of a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Film that is smushed in between two layers of glass and 2 layers of conductive inter layers. The windows come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Plus, the windows have a very low power consumption (0.4 Watts/SF), but I’m sure that it adds up after a while.

Lamination Film for Glass

The Lamination Film for Glass isn’t really meant for the average business owner, or homeowner, but rather glass manufacturers and people who are needing the Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Film for a custom application.

There’s honestly not much explaining to do here, as the technology and everything this offers has been explained above. This product allows you to control the amount of light that comes through, offers UV protection, and everything else that the “smart window” does – this is just for a manufacturer and is meant to smashed between some Glass.

Smart Film for Glass

Literally everyone can take advantage of this product. The Smart Film for Glass provides the ability to turn a window from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch. Like the other products, Smart Film for Glass provides some UV protection and solar reduction. Smart Film for Glass is also scratch resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your windows getting damaged or this product messing up any time soon.

The difference between Smart Film for Glass and the other products, is that this can be applied to windows that you already have in your home – no specialist is required for installation. With that said, this product doesn’t seem to be as robust as the rest and only allows you to switch from clear and frosted … no in between.

Final Thoughts

Privacy and UV protection aren’t the only things that these products are good for. Apparently, the switchable Glass and film can also act as a platform for projection and touchscreen effects. Basically, you can turn a wall with a bunch of windows into a full blow projection screen if you wanted to. Which is pretty awesome! If you want to check out these products for yourself, then head on over to

So, how do these products sound to you? Does smart windows sound like something that you are interested in or are old windows good enough for you? Personally, if I had the money, then I’d probably get the Smart Film for the windows in my house. Anyway, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section down below!