Innovega – 120 Degrees of Awesome

Innovega is developing a pair of smart glasses with an insane field of view that will give you a very immersive experience.

Smart glasses and other augmented reality devices are limited in the way that if you want to have a really large interactive experience (a large field of view) with them, then you have to make them extremely bulky. This a big problem because, as you can imagine, people want to have that big field of view, just like they want the biggest T.V. they can possibly get.

The company Innovega is taking a different approach with smart glasses, and is adapting the technology to be used in conjunction with smart contact lenses. Their approach is having the user wear a smart contact lens that can see projected images on a pair of smart glasses. The image is displayed very close to the eye (thanks to the contact lens), which makes it a lot easier to get a wide field of view and to cram more information in front and around the user.

This contact lens + smart glass approach helps keep smart glasses lightweight and non-bulky. Nobody wants to be wearing a brick on their face just so they can get more entertainment out of their device – this works and keeps smart glasses slim. And, with this approach the company has been able to achieve a 120 degree field of view – insane compared to other smart glasses!

Here is a chart where they compare Innovega to some of the other smart glass companies:


The company has talked a little about how something like this can be used. Their main example is being able to watch a high quality 3D movie with their smart glasses. Another example is instead of staring at a computer monitor, or television screen while playing a game – you can wear the augmented reality device and the game will be all around you. Really though, this device will be able to do most of the stuff that the other smart glasses can do, which includes the most simple things like viewing a map and showing information about the buildings around you.

Innovega is very interesting to say the least. I’m not sure why we aren’t hearing more about it considering that the field of view that it offers is double, if not triple, what other smart glasses are offering. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any listed price, specs (besides field of view) or release date for Innovega.

So, what are your thoughts about this? Does the thought of wearing a contact lens to use a device scare you a little bit? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below!