Pro Display Switchable Smart Glass and Switchable Smart Film

Pro Display has been working in the glass industry for nearly a decade. Most of what they have been working on is PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology. Pro Displays produces several products with PDLC which includes their switchable smart film and switchable smart glass. Pro Display manufactures their products using a very fine liquid crystal polymer which offers great uniformity and a superior visual display.

Switchable Glass in Frosted State

Switchable Glass in Frosted State

What is Switchable Smart Glass?

Switchable Glass is a piece of glass that has been coated with Switchable Film (learn about switchable film below). A piece of glass that has switchable film can have its transparency controlled with switches.

A simple on – off switch can turn the film from being clear to frosted, therefore controlling the amount of light that gets through the piece of glass. Switching between clear and frosted only takes a second. Basically, switchable glass is an electronic blind that allows you to control the amount of privacy you want from a window or specific section of windows.

The coolest thing about switchable smart glass is that it can double as a high definition projection screen. When switchable smart glass is in its frosted state, it looks like a normal projection surface and works like one. You simply point your projector at it, and you’re good to go.

While Pro Display’s switchable glass does require electricity, it doesn’t require a lot. When it comes to power it requires 7 watts per m2. Really, installing switchable smart glass will barely affect your electricity costs.

switchable film

Switchable Smart Film

Switchable smart film is basically what switchable smart glass runs on. Switchable Smart Film is integrated into normal glass, which is what makes switchable smart glass. Switchable smart film has a self-adhesive cling layer on one side. And, like a sticker, you peel a protective piece off of the adhesive part of the smart film and then stick it on a piece of glass. Once you apply it to a piece of glass, thanks to PDLC technology, you can then control the transparency of that piece of glass as if it was a manufactured piece of switchable smart glass.

Switchable Smart Glass and Switchable Smart Film Applications

Switchable Smart Glass and Switchable Smart Film is suitable for pretty much any environment. Switchable smart glass is perfect for any bedroom, bathroom, office, or wherever. Switchable smart film can pretty much be applied to the same places. Bedroom windows, bathroom windows, office windows, etc.

It’s some pretty cool technology and it will probably be in every house at some point. If you would like to learn more about Pro Display’s switchable glass, then you can head on over to their website here.

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