Smart Glasses That Can See Cancer

It wasn’t too long ago that we heard about Google Glass being used for consultation during a surgery. It feels like every day we hear about something related to smart glasses and health. Well, the latest news involving smart glasses and health, is that researchers have developed a pair of smart glasses that help surgeons see cancerous cells.

Smart Glass

Cancer is a messed up thing altogether, but the real messed up thing about it is that if all the cancer tissue is not cut out in one go, then it will come back. The obvious goal of smart glasses like these is to reduce the chances of the cancer coming back after surgery by making sure all of the affected tissue is cut out at once.

Now, the device isn’t some super amazing machine that can automatically detect cancer by the wearer just putting them on. The device is able to show cancer cells thanks to a molecular imaging agent that gives the cells a blue color, and thanks to a custom software on the smart glasses that shows the color to the surgeon. Because of the blue color, surgeons are able to clearly distinguished cancer tissue from good healthy tissue and can make sure they get it all the bad stuff in one go.

These cancer showing smart glasses were used for the first time on February 10th, but that doesn’t mean they are quite ready to be used by every surgeon. There is still a lot more testing and development that needs to go into the device before it can be considered as a reliable tool.

While this pair of smart glasses can only detect cancer, I wonder what smart glasses might be able to detect in the future. I’m going to get a little imaginative here in a second, so brace yourself.

Is it completely unreasonable to think that smart glasses could eventually get to a point where they can be used to identify things like tissue damage, broken bones, and many other body related issues … I don’t think so. I’m no doctor or scientist, but couldn’t the same coloring agent that was used to give cancer a distinct color be adapted to give color to other types of health problems (broken bones)?

Technology advances exponentially so it makes sense, at least to me, that we could eventually identify more things than just cancer. I’m not saying this something we are going to see come out in a day or two, but in a few years … who knows.

Anyway, as a person who has seen a couple of relatives and friends deal with and die from cancer … I really hope something like this becomes a standard thing during surgery. I think we can all agree that anything that can help remove as something as evil as cancer from the body is an extremely good and powerful thing.

I usually ask you guys a few questions at the end of an article, but I really don’t know what I should ask you guys this round. So, how about we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that we get to see some amazing news about smart glasses changing the world and not news that involves something related to privacy concerns.