Switchable Smart Glass from Quality Smart Glass

Switchable Glass / Smart Glass is glass that can be switched from opaque to clear on demand by using a switch, a dimmer, or even a smart phone app. Switchable Glass has the benefits of reducing the amount of heat that gets in a room, and it provides some UV protection. One of the best things about switchable glass is that you no longer need to have curtains or window shades to get privacy.

switchable smart glass

Quality Smart Glass is a company that offers switchable smart glass products. They are one of the many companies that specializes in switchable smart glass and products similar to it. Below, you will find some of the things that Quality Smart Glass sells.

But first, we need to talk about specs. The following are the technical specifications for all the switchable smart glass products that Quality Smart Glass offers.

Technical Specs

Close to 99 percent Ultra Violet blocking and protection

Up to 40 % solar reduction in full privacy mode

4 F to 140 F operating temperature

110 VAC (Standard Line Voltage) power and other power options available
less than 0.65 Watts/SF energy use

Colors available : New Ultra Clear products: white, light blue, gray

Now that we’ve covered the technical specs, let’s move on to the actual products. Here are the things you can currently find on the Quality Smart Glass store.

Finished Smart Glass

Finished smart glass is a complete sheet of switchable glass. It consists of two planes of glass, two sheets of interlayer, and one PD-LCD layer. It offers all the normal switchable glass features and privacy at the press of a button. Currently, finished smart glass from Quality Smart Glass is priced at $149 per square foot. Bus bar locations, holes, and notches add to the total cost.

Adhesive Smart Film

Adhesive smart film is practically a big old sticker. Adhesive smart film can be added to any existing glass to turn it into switchable glass. If you don’t have the option of installing new glass around your shop or home, then this is the perfect solution. You can get adhesive smart film from Quality Smart Glass for $125 per sqf. Like the finished smart glass, holes, notches, etc. add to the total cost.

Switchable Smart Film

If you’re a glass manufacturer, then this might be something that interests you. Switchable Smart Film is a switchable interlayer mean’t to be integrated into Glass. This is great for custom applications, and glass manufacturers looking to create finished smart glass solutions. Switchable smart film costs $110 per square foot, and there are additional costs for holes and notches.

All the solutions above can be used for windows in offices, homes, schools, and everywhere else. The one thing that should be noted is that the self adhesive smart film and the switchable smart film can’t be used in outdoor or wet environments.

Switchable smart glass is an awesome way to ditch the old curtains and shades. Switchable smart glass provides privacy with the flick of a switch, and can help protect you from UV rays. It may not be as cheap as normal glass windows, but it’s well worth the cost for the features it has.

If you would like to check out Quality Smart Glass, then you can head on over to QualitySmartGlass.com. If you would like to learn more about switchable smart glass in general, then you can visit this post on Glass App Source.