Upgrade Your Vehicle: Benefits of Smart Glass for Automobiles

Smart glass is something that we’ve talked about a lot here on Glass App Source. Smart glass is glass that, when activated, changes from clear to translucent. Basically, when electricity, light or heat comes into contact with smart glass the glass goes into a privacy state that blocks out light and heat. Smart glass technologies include electrochromic, photochromic, thermochromic, suspended particle, micro-blind and liquid crystal devices. Smart glass can be used in homes, for windows, in offices, in showers, and even in automobiles.


Today, we are going to talk a little about the benefits of having smart glass in an automobile. Here are the benefits of having smart glass in an automobile.

Providers and Self-adhesive

Before I actually get into the benefits of having smart glass in a vehicle, I wanted to give you guys a little bit of extra information.

There are a ton of smart glass providers out there and most of them offer self-adhesive smart glass for automobile windows. The best way I can explain self-adhesive smart glass is that it is very similar to a sticker. You peel off a part of the back, line it up and stick it on. It’s pretty simple.

The providers you might want to look at when it comes to automobile self-adhesive smart glass are Glass-Apps and SmartTint. Both offer the self-adhesive smart glass and at a reasonable rate.

Anyway, let’s move on to the actual benefits of smart glass in an automobile.

Privacy at the Press of a Button

This is probably the most obvious benefit of smart glass in an automobile. If for some reason you need temporary privacy or want to block out a little light and heat, then you can with the press of a button and smart glass. With the press of a button and smart glass, your windows can be tinted and you can enjoy a little bit more privacy in your own vehicle. You can also untint your windows just as easily as they were tinted.

Personalized Privacy

With smart glass, everyone has the option to control how tinted or how non-tinted their window is. Not everyone in a vehicle wants to have their window blocked out or completely clear. So, the people who would like to have a little extra privacy and some shade can have it. And, the people who would like a clear view can have one without too much hassle as well. Basically, everyone has some control on how much heat and light is coming through their window. Smart glass is a win for everyone.

UV Protection

UV rays can not only do damage to the coloring of personal items, fabrics, and seats. But, UV rays can also do damage to a person’s skin over time as well. The good news is that smart glass can help block out those nasty UV rays. Almost all smart glass has 98% UV protection and 40% solar reduction.

So, one of the benefits of having smart glass in your automobile is that your fabrics, items, and skin are protected from UV rays.

Less Heat

With normal clear car windows, a lot of light and heat gets through. It’s slightly different with smart glass automobile windows. With smart glass windows, you can control the amount of light that gets through the windows, which can help reduce the amount of heat in the car. And, smart glass windows also have 40% solar reduction, which also helps reduce the amount of heat that gets into a vehicle.

So, one of the benefits of having smart glass windows is that the inside of your vehicle will be slightly cooler and you will not have to run the air conditioning as much.

Added Resale Value

Smart glass is not that hefty of an investment depending on how long you plan on using it for. Smart glass self-adhesive tends to last a while. So, if you ever decide to sell your vehicle, you will get some extra cash due to the smart glass windows. Advertising the smart glass on the car could definitely help sell it as well.

Overall, smart glass is a great investment not only for your own personal enjoyment, but it could also get you some more cash when / if you sell the vehicle.


So, those are some of the benefits of having smart glass windows in an automobile. The benefits include privacy, personalized privacy, UV protection, less heat, and more. If you got the cash, then investing into some smart glass windows is a great idea.

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