VR Games That Are Worth Playing On The PlayStation VR

vr games

The PlayStation VR, which will be powered by Sony’s PS 4 console, will be launched in the first quarter of 2016, most likely in March, and will cost around £350. The headset which was previously codenamed Project Morpheus will sport an OLED display with a 960×1080 pixels resolution per eye and its content will be displayed at a frame rate of 120fps. The users will be able to play games and below, we’ll give a list of recommendations.

London Heist

The action takes place in London, where the player is a member of a band of robbers who want to steal a jewel, they kill some guards and can’t find the jewel, so they run away and enemies start chasing them on the streets. So, you will need to save yourself, search the vehicle for bullets and make sure that the guys on motorbikes don’t kill you. You will be hold hostage in a garage and someone will ask you questions, so you’ll need to get out of this situation.

Eve Valkyrie

This game comes preloaded on the Oculus Rift and will be available on many other VR headsets. It’s a multiplayer space dogfighter game, in which you’re launched from a carrier and you’re battling against 11 drones, while navigating through the EVE universe.

Rez Infinite

This is a classic musical shooter game which brings 3D audio, 120 fps frame rate and has a level called Area X. The visuals are hypnotizing, the soundtrack is awesome and the great news is that you can play this game even without the VR headset.


The game will firstly launch on the PlayStation VR and will be rebooted by UK developer Rebellion after Atari’s old tank combat game.

Super Hypercube

This is a first-person puzzler created by KOKOROMI and published by POLYTRON and will be exclusive to the PlayStation VR. The game can be also played without VR, but it’s more fascinating to arrange blocks and zoom through space and turn around in order to view the completed levels, behind you, while looking at them through the headset’s display.

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