Cast AR Specs

Cast AR Specs
Details CastAR is an augmented reality device that projects images into your surroundings for entertainment purposes.
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Price $345
CPU Provided by connected device.
Memory Provided by connected device.
Storage Provided by connected device.
Sensors 120 Hz absolute trackingSub millimeter precision 1000 Hz Inertial tracking.
Battery Provided by connected device.
Controls castAR wand.
Operating System
Android No
SDK Yes, but not available yet.
Optical Systems
Display Dual projectors, 1280 x 720 resolution per eye, 120hz refresh rate per eye, 24 bits of color per pixel and 65 degree horizontal field of view.
Lens Options Transparent and see-through lenses.
Photo No
Video No
Wi-Fi No
Bluetooth No
Power Provided by HDMI connected device.
Weight Less than 100 grams .
Dimensions Info N/A
Sound Microphone, binaural/Stereo positional audio and ear buds.

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