StarVR Is The InfinitEye 210 Degree VR Headset With A 5K Display


InfinitEye was acquired by Starbreeze and the new owner announced that the VR handset prototype that was presented almost two years ago, with a 210 degree horizontal field of view will be announced under the name of StarVR. The device has been presented in the Nokia OZO launch event, which took place in L.A., on November 30th, and Starbreeze has demonstrated that the handset is able to provide an un-paralleled VR experience, because it supports content at a 5K resolution.

The StarVR will be one of the biggest rivals of the Oculus Rift and will come with two 5.5-inch LCD panels which, together, will give a resolution of 5120×1440 pixels and will provide an amazing VR experience. Its creators made it capable of tracking head movement up to 360 degrees and inside it houses a Valhalla engine which, according to the company, it “supports not only 3D but is fully virtual reality ready, and proofed on several headsets currently on the market.”

The “improved” original InfinitEye prototype has, in fact, some problems, such it weight, because the device has too many components and it becomes uncomfortable to hold it strapped to the head for more hours. But, the viewing area is now sealed, so it’s no longer open at the edges, allowing light to get inside. Other problems are the pixilation and the screen door effect, which Oculus VR has dealt with, but found a solution to fix them. We’re pretty sure that by the time the StarVR will be officially launched, the developers will manage to get rid of visible lines which separate the images.

The StarVR was available for testing at the E3 event, where the fans were able to play a demo of The Walking Dead game and enjoyed shooting “walkers”. If you visit the StarVR website, you will be greeted by an image of a group of zombies from the famous TV series.

Sources: Roadtovr and TechTimes.