Switchable Glass from InvisiShade

Smart Glass / Switchable Glass is something we’ve talked about a few times on Glass App Source. Smart glass, also known as switchable glass, uses PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) technology to give you the ability to control the transparency of glass and the amount of light that gets through it.


Switchable glass is controlled by a switch that applies electricity. When an electric current is applied to smart glass, liquid crystals align and allow light to pass through. When no electric current is applied, liquid crystals are positioned randomly and block out light.

This technology has been around for a decent amount of time, and due to technological advancements it is getting cheaper and becoming a considerable option for those in medium income households.

InvisiShade is a company that specializes in this technology. They provide all sorts of different application options, and services based around smart glass. IniviShade currently offers their services in 53 countries, and they work with pretty much everyone, including: distributors, retailers, installers, contractors, architects, and energy efficiency specialists.

Before I start going into the different InvisiShade options / Smart Glass options that Invisishade offers, I want to let you know that pretty much every option does / has the following:

-Cuts UV exposure by 99%
-Reduces solar rays by 42%
-Consumes 0 watts when switched OFF (frosted mode).
-Instant ON/OFF switching from any conventional wall switch or remote control.

So, now that you know every option comes with the above. Let’s cover the different switchable glass / smart glass options that InvisiShade offers.


The self-adhesive option is a piece of a film that has PDLC technology integrated into it. Think of this self-adhesive option as a custom-cut sticker that, when applied, can be used to control the amount of light that gets through a window. The film is cut to your specification and can be applied to practically any piece of glass you want. This is a great option for those who want the benefits of switchable glass / smart glass, but don’t want to replace every single window in their household.

Lamination Film

This option really isn’t for average consumers, but rather for window manufacturers. The lamination film is a film that has the PDLC technology built-in. The lamination film is sandwiched in the center of a piece of glass to turn it into switchable glass.

The lamination film is really good for people who are looking to get custom switchable glass windows made. Other than that, it’s something that window manufacturers buy and make normal window sizes out of.

Switchable Glass

If you don’t want to mess with the self-adhesive option or the lamination film, then you can buy full-blown switchable glass windows from InvisiShade. The switchable glass that they offer is manufactured to your specification. You get to choose the dimensions, colors, tints, coatings, and you even have the option to get soundproofing. This is the most convenient, yet most expensive option.


All the options above give you the ability to control the amount of light that gets through the glass. Switchable Glass is pretty awesome, and I think we will see it in most houses at some point. It’s getting cheaper over time, so it’ll eventually be the standard thing when it comes to windows. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be able to control the amount of privacy and light that gets in a room?

You can learn more about switchable glass on Glass App Source. You can learn more about InvisiShade services on their official website.