Travel Back in Time Using a Virtual Reality System Called Teleport


Times passes so fast and we start to forget important moments from our lives, such as the family dinners, the face of our first newborn, our first vacation or other special events. We can relive these episodes without physically teleporting ourselves in time. Well, teleportation hasn’t been invented yet, so there’s another way to get rid of your nostalgia and actually experience those moments again. A team of engineers invented a VR system which allows you to record 3D videos using a smartphone, then play them with a virtual reality headset.

Justin Lucas is one of the engineers who created the technology and he got the idea to combine 3D videos with VR headsets from his family. He said that he wanted to “create a more immersed feeling when viewing those favorite past moments”, and with the help of his engineer friends, the technology they worked on is very affordable and can be used with any smartphone. There are other developers, who created similar technologies, but they are very pricey, costing thousands of dollars, and Lucas wanted to make happy the category of low-income consumers.

Teleport is the system that contains an aluminum 3D camera that has two lenses, for each eye, capturing the images from two different perspectives and which are combined and transformed into a 3D picture. The users can record with iPhones and Android devices, attach the camera and after storing the video, the phone will be connected to the VR headset created by Lucas, or to a cardboard VR headset created by Google.

The VR camera created by Lucas and which has a free VR cardboard headset can be purchased at a price of $49, the Teleport VR headset costs $19, while for the Teleport VR camera and headset you’d pay $69. Lucas’ team needs money to materialize this project and they’ve raised $64,289 on Indiegogo, in funding, with 37 days left.

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