Developers Will Build Games Inside Virtual Reality With Epic’s Unreal Engine

virtual reality games

It is known that the EVE: Valkyrie is a game that was made using Unreal Engine 4, after starting as a demo and it will come pre-loaded on the Oculus Rift. Until now, developers were allowed only to build virtual games with Epic’s Unreal Engine, but thanks to the upcoming VR component that will be added to the Unreal Editor, they will create games from scratch, through a VR headset such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, just by waving their hands and touching a button.

In the past years, developers have struggled to build applications and games using traditional tools for VR. That’s about to change as Epic has added the VR component to its Unreal Editor and this will help developers to create their games with a VR headset. According to Games CEO Tim Sweeney “What you see is what you get, you are there, you are seeing the game as you develop it exactly as users are going to be seeing it as they play it.”

This opportunity will enhance developers’ creativity and they will create games with VR faster and at a higher quality. Instead of using a keyboard and a mouse, they’ll do everything in an immersive environment. With the VR Unreal Editor, the designers will be teleported into a 3D virtual world, where they will actually be able to avoid colliding with physical objects and when they’ll point a controller, they’ll travel long distances and change the size of their world, so they can inspect all scenes. Using hand motions, they will be able to manipulate objects. For example, they’ll grab a piece of architecture and move it, or use the similar “pinch and zoom” gesture to shrink objects or make them bigger.

Epic will attend the GDC event on March 16th, where the company is expected to announce the release date for the VR Unreal Editor.

Sources: TheVerge & Forbes