Take Fighting Games To A New Level With Virtual Reality Headsets

VR headsets will create an artificial environment either based on the real world, or built from scratch, by developers who will use their programming skills. And the most exciting part about VR devices is that they will allow the users to play games and at the same time, they’ll have a full sensory experience, which will include smell, hearing, sight and touch. The most expected games are the violent ones, where the players will fight against fictional opponents. But what about watching real fighting games?

People’s interest in virtual reality will increase by the day because this technology will open their world to new possibilities. They’ll enter a realm of new limits, where their imagination will be amplified by the effects they’ll see in front of their eyes, but which aren’t real.

Playing a fighting game on the screen of a computer or TV, from a console, is ok, but the player doesn’t actually feel that he’s actually in the middle of action. Watching a fighting game in the same conditions is also boring, thanks to VR headsets, things will never be the same again. Yoshinori Ono, a Japanese video game producer who works at Capcom was interviewed by Weekly Famitsu and he explained the impact that virtual reality will have on fighting games: “For fighting game competitions, even though people come to see the match live and even if they’re at the actual venue, everyone ends up watching a screen”. However, depending on where the person is sitting, he will see the action differently, and he might not have the best experience. Ono added that the spectators should reserve a spot in the first row, so they will have the impression that the fight is happening in front of them.

Katsuhiro Harada, a game producer and Tekken creator working at Namco Bandai Games is also excited about the possibility to watch fighting games through a VR helmet.

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