DHL Experiences 25% Efficiency Increase from Equipping Their Stock Pickers with Vuzix M100

Vuzix announced on Wednesday that their M100 smart glasses were able to help DHL, a logistics company, improve the efficiency of their order pickers by 25%.

During a pilot test, DHL equipped 10 of their pickers with a pair of M100 smart glasses, which included “vision picking” software developed by Ubimax, a wearable computer solutions company. The vision picking software offered the pickers the abilities to identify objects in real-time, scan barcodes, navigate areas, and pull information from DHL’s warehouse management system.


Pickers were required to log in by scanning a QR code. Once they were logged in they could pick a trolley by scanning its barcode. After scanning a trolley, the pickers were provided with task information such as which aisles they needed to go to, the items they needed to pick up, and how many items they needed to pick up. Once the pickers located an item, all they had to do to notify the system that they picked up the item was scan it.

During the test, the pickers were required to use the M100 smart glasses along with Ubimax’s software to pick items and fulfill orders over a given period of time. By the end of the test, the workers had picked more than 20,000 items and fulfilled 9,000 orders. Compared to using traditional handheld barcode scanners and paper documents, orders were completed 25% faster and almost completely error free. Pretty impressive.

Paul Travers, President and CEO of Vuzix, commented on DHL’s test:

“Our M100 Smart Glasses combined with Ubimax’s software is an excellent warehouse picking solution for DHL as it provides for supply chain innovations through simplified operations. Augmented reality has shown great promise for logistics in warehousing operations and is estimated to account for approximately 20% of all logistics costs, and approximately for 55% to 65% of the total cost of warehousing operations. This indicates that AR has the potential to significantly reduce cost by improving the picking process. The Vuzix/Ubimax solution greatly enhances accuracy and efficiency, boosts productivity and makes it easier for the user with its hands-free operation.”

Surprisingly, DHL isn’t the only logistics company that has reported positive results from equipping their pickers with smart glasses. In the middle of last year, Active Ants reported similar results from when they equipped their stock pickers with Google Glass. Active Ants used Google Glass with a custom-built app and they saw an efficiency increase of 15%. Overall, it it seems logistics companies can definitely benefit from using smart glasses.

Source: Vuzix