Intel Buys 30% of Vuzix

A few days ago, Intel made a $24.8 million dollar investment into Vuzix, the company behind the M100 smart glasses. Intel bought 4,962,600 shares of Vuzix’s common stock, which is about 30 percent of Vuzix’s total stock. You’re probably wondering what they are going to do with all this new cash. So, let me tell you about what they are planning.

Vuzix M100 Use-1

Despite Vuzix focusing a lot on enterprise in the past, it seems they are going to use their new fat stack of cash to create more things that would be useful for the average consumer. From what Vuzix is saying, they are going to use the new investment to speed up the development of their next line of fashionable wearables.

“Intel’s investment will be used for general working capital to accelerate the introduction of Vuzix next generation fashion-based wearable display products into the consumer market.”

Over the past year, Intel has been investing a lot of money into the wearable market. Not only have they made this huge investment into Vuzix, but back in March they also bought Basis Science, a company that makes fitness wearables. All this investing is most-likely an attempt by Intel to build some relationships and to grab some of the wearable market space before they release their wearable-specific chipsets later this year.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this investment? Are you excited to see what Vuzix is going to do with their new investment? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!