SAP to Launch a Third App for the Vuzix M100

Last week we reported that SAP, an enterprise software provider, was bringing two new augmented reality applications to the Vuzix M100. Well, it appears that SAP plans on releasing a third application for the Vuzix M100 pretty soon.

SAP launched AR Warehouse Picker and AR Service Technician last week. The AR Warehouse Picker app helps users get instructions hands-free and it includes a barcode scanner to help people scan packages and other items. AR Service Technician provides users with 3D visual models of their workplace and augmented reality notes to help them find and repair things faster.

Vuzix M100

This week SAP announced that it plans on launching an application called AR Operator Rounds pretty soon. The application was designed to help workforces perform inspections on equipment and facilities hands-free. Users can view equipment readings and measurements via the application. The application can be used for remote support, meaning people can connect to the glasses to provide the wearer with information. Also, the application can be controlled completely hands-free with voice controls.

According to SAP, the new application can help improve efficiency. SAP also claims it can help with health and safety concerns. It definitely seems likely that the app can help improve efficiency.

Anyway, it’s cool to see the Vuzix M100 getting a few new apps. What are your thoughts on this new app? What are your thoughts on the two apps that came out last week? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!