Vuzix M100 Compatible with Recently Released “Device Connect WebAPI”

There has been a lot of news surrounding the Vuzix M100 as of late. On Tuesday of last week, the device received a new enterprise app and the week before that the Vuzix m100 received two new enterprise apps. Vuzix also published an interesting press release last Thursday.


Last Thursday, Vuzix published some news stating that the Vuzix M100 is compatible with DOCOMO’s recently released “Device Connect WebAPI”. DOCOMO’s API basically allows developers to link multiple devices from different manufacturers together without them needing extensive knowledge of each device. Besides helping developers link different devices together, the API also allows developers to create apps compatible with multiple platforms and allows developers to rely less on dedicated development kits.

DOCOMO’s new Open Web API allows developers to integrate services, sensors and other devices which will enable them to build completely new experiences based around the M100 Smart Glasses, fostering a more interactive experience and customized functionality. For example, a developer could link a wristband device of one manufacturer to operate Vuzix’ Smart Glasses, and likewise retrieve data from a pedometer and a bodyweight scale of different manufacturers, and then integrate the data for display with a single application or web browser.

DOCOMO is not only working with Vuzix, but they are also working with other popular smart glasses companies like Epson to verify and develop new features for the API and smart glasses.

This is some pretty cool news. Most people enjoy a seamless experience across devices so if this can help apps and other things communicate across different devices, then that’s awesome.

If you’re interested in checking out this API for yourself, then head over to github. The API is open-source and can be downloaded straight from github.