Vuzix M100 Getting a Helmet Mount

The Vuzix M100 has been receiving a lot of interesting things lately. In the past couple of months, the device has received an OS update, iOS compatibility, and several augmented reality applications. And, according to a new press release from Vuzix, a new helmet mount for the device will be available for purchase soon too.

Vuzix Helmet Mount

Over the weekend, there was a cycling challenge called the “Road Titans 300+ Cycling Challenge” that was held in South Carolina. The challenge involved riding over 300 miles in South Carolina’s Oconee County.

Well, at the event, a select number of cyclists were given a Vuzix M100 and a helmet mount to test out. The helmet mount allowed cyclists to securely connect the Vuzix M100 to their helmets, so that they didn’t have to worry about the device jiggling around or slipping off their face during the race.

The cyclists at the event were the first people to know about the new mount and the first people (besides people working at Vuzix) to test it out. As of right now, the new helmet mount that was revealed at the event is not available for everyone to purchase yet. With that being said, the helmet mount should be available for everyone soon.

Vuzix stated that they expect the helmet mount to be available for purchase in about 30 days. The mount supposedly works with most of the popular bicycle helmets that are out on the market. Also, the mount can be used on the left or right side of helmets.

It’s interesting to see the Vuzix M100 get a bicycle helmet mount. For the longest time, the Vuzix M100 seemed like an enterprise device and it was marketed that way as well. But now, the device has started to become a bit more friendly for the ordinary consumer and Vuzix is starting to market it to ordinary consumers as well.

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