Vuzix M100 Receives Big Update “OS 2.0”

One awesome thing about Google Glass is that it receives regular updates. At least every month or so, Google Glass receives an update. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about other smart glasses. Updates on other smart glasses seem to be pretty rare. With that being said, usually when they come they are filled with a bunch of goodies. The latest Vuzix M100 is definitely filled with some goodies.

On September 22nd, Vuzix released a press release announcing that OS 2.0 is now available for the Vuzix M100. The update is reasonably big and packs a ton of interesting changes. A lot of things from the first version of the OS has been redesigned and a lot of new stuff has been added.

The most significant part of the update is the Nuance integration for voice controls. Nuance is a speech recognition software that powers many things, including Apple’s Siri and the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. Now, Nuance powers Vuzix’s voice recognition as well. Nuance voice controls allow people to control the Vuzix M100 hands-free. An internet connection isn’t needed to take advantage of the Nuance integration either.


Also, included in the OS 2.0 update is a new user interface. Instead of a 2D array of applications like a standard mobile desktop, OS 2.0 packs a carousel style desktop which is much easier to scroll through. With the new desktop, there’s a companion Manager application that users can use with the smart glasses to scroll through apps among other things.

OS 2.0 is more optimized than the first OS as well. OS 2.0 offers improved battery life, better processor speed management, and better thermal performance.

With this update, developers also get a little something new. OS 2.0 brings a whole new developer SDK packed full of some new stuff.

The OS 2.0 update is available for download on the Vuzix website. OS 2.0 adds integrated Over-the-Air updates, so the next update will be easier to install. New shipments of the device already come with OS 2.0.

OS 2.0 is definitely a nice update, and one that was needed. I’m sure people are going to appreciate the new desktop, optimizations and everything else. Hopefully, the next update will not take as long to get here.

Vuzix M100 owners, what are your thoughts on this update? Does it seem like a good update to you? Do you dislike anything about the new update? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below. Also, don’t forget to spread the news by using the share buttons in the sidebar!