Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses Head to the Sky with New Partnership

A new partnership between Vuzix and HeadApp is sending Vuzix M100 smart glasses into the sky.

On Wednesday, Vuzix announced a new partnership with HeadApp. Vuzix partnered with HeadApp so that they can help them produce an application called Glass4Flight. Glass4Flight is a smart glasses application for pilots that makes important information easily accessible through hand gestures and voice commands.

Glass4Flight connects M100 smart glasses to WiFly transceivers, which are systems that collect and broadcast aircraft and flight data. Once connected, pilots are presented with a virtual cockpit that contains all sorts of important information. From the application, pilots can use voice commands and hand gestures to view information like aircraft speed, aircraft altitude, flight level, route information, traffic avoidance information, estimated times and much more.

Right now, the application is being tested in Turin, Italy with some help from the local Aero Club. The testing phase will be ending soon, and on April 15th, the application will become available for purchase at the AERO2015 Expo.

Paul Travers, CEO of Vuzix, has stated:

“Vuzix isn’t new to the aviation industry, but this is the first time that we looked at a project with the pilot in mind as opposed to engineers and airline crew. We have worked closely with HeadApp with a focus towards the private aviator. What we have seen so far has been quite eye opening and the potential for our M100 with regard for the pilot program gives us a lot of possibilities. During the further testing phases, we will look at new opportunities to embark on.”

Google Glass got a similar application called “HUD for Glass” in November of last year. Really, it seems pilots are becoming more interested in smart glasses. What are your thoughts?

Source: Press Release