Vuzix Smart Glasses Giveaway

Vuzix M100

You don’t hear a lot about Vuzix and their smart glasses.  Even though you don’t hear a lot about them, they are actually quite successful. Vuzix’s sales increased 8 percent over the past year with about 50 percent of their total product revenue being from the M100 smart glasses.

For those of you who are unaware of the M100 smart glasses, they are an enterprise / business focused pair of smart glasses that run android. The smart glasses have dual microphones and a full color display, an HD camera with a recording indicator, and 5GB of internal memory. The glasses have two mounting solutions: safety glasses and an over-the-head adjustable band.

They are a decent pair of smart glasses that have been doing well for their purpose. Everyone is fixated on Google Glass, but these guys are making some decent progress in the background in the enterprise industry.

Anyway, the purpose of this post isn’t really to talk about Vuzix’s success, but something different. If you want to learn more about the M100 smart glasses, then just head over here.

Okay, okay. Now let’s get down to business. The purpose of this post is to talk about an M100 giveaway that is happening. Metaio, a company that works on providing a very handy SDK for augmented reality, is giving away a pair of Vuzix smart glasses. They have apparently partnered up with Vuzix for this little giveaway / sweepstakes.

Here is a quote from Metaio’s site:

“Metaio and Vuzix are pairing up again; this time we’re bringing you a sweepstakes. You could win your own pair of Vuzix M 100 – glasses!

This is a sweepstakes with each entry counting as a chance to win”

Entering into the content is beyond easy and will only take you a few minutes. To enter the sweepstakes / giveaway you have to fill out a form. After you have filled out the form, you are entered into the contest, but there is a way to get more entries. When you fill out the form, you can enter your Facebook URL or twitter handle. If you put in your Facebook URL or twitter handle, you can get another entry by:

1. Sharing the contest link on Facebook with the hashtag #MetaioWearsVuzix and what you want to do with the smart glasses. This will get you one entry.


2. Tweet on twitter with the hashtag #MetaioWearsVuzix with a short explanation on what you want to do with the glasses. This will get you one entry.

The cool thing is that any share or retweet you get also counts as an entry. So, if you tweet an explanation out with the #MetaioWearsVuzix hashtag and get 3 retweets, then that status counts as four entries.

You can only choose one platform though, and not both. Use the platform that you know will get you the most shares. Also, it should be noted that this giveaway / sweepstakes is only available for people in North and South America.

The winner will be announced during Metaio’s Webinar on June 12th which you can register for here. You can enter the giveaway / sweepstakes here.

Are you going to enter? Let us know in the comments section down below!